Netflix Pick of the Week: Premature

premature movie

Rob (John Karna), whose inability to control his embarrassing junk gives him the strange ability to relive the same terrible day over and over again à la Groundhog Day. And what a day – after being woken up by his mother the night after a wet dream, Rob goes into panic mode while preparing for a crucial, doomed interview with a forlorn Georgetown rep (John Tudyk). Also on the docket? Avoiding getting bullied by the volleyball team, managing relationships with his dirty-minded best friend Stanley (Craig Roberts) and long-time pal Gabrielle (Katie Findlay), and making it to a “study session” that holds the promise of much more with the horny school babe Angela (Carlton Young) but always ends with the same unfortunately sticky end. And of course, Rob’s strange new ability to begin the day over as soon as that happens throws a monkey wrench in the works – until he begins to realize just how much he can get away with given the constant ability to reset.

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