Blow Your Wad on DEATHGASM Action Figures

DEATHGASM had to be one of the sweetest horror movies to come out in 2015. It took This Is Spinal Tap, threw it in a blender with Evil Dead and created a cult classic. But to truly reach that cult classic status you need merch, more specifically action figures.

Well, now you can buy three of the main characters in action figure form. For $66.60 you can get Medina, Brodie and Zakk with the option of a Aeloth head starting tomorrow.


3.75" hand sculpted, hand casted & hand painted resin action figures, based on Jason Lei Howden's Metal Horror Comedy DEATHGASM.

1st Edition, limited to 15 pcs each. Each figure comes with weapon, in hand made blister on card feat. artwork by Ralph Niese.

NOTE: If you buy a 3-Pack, please let us know which head you want displayed on Zakk's body (Zakk or Aeloth).

The figures go on sale tomorrow at so you need to be ready since the first run is limited to 15 pieces. Hopefully a second run is released along with a Dion, Giles and a Rikki Daggers Deluxe Edition...Fingers crossed!

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