Patrick Stewart and Anton Yelchin Green Room Trailer [Red Band]

patrick stewart green room

The Ain't Rights are a hardcore punk band who have been touring the country in a beat-up van. Running low on cash, the band is forced to beg, borrow and steal to continue their road tour. Just as they are about to give up and head home they are offered a gig, but there is a catch. The gig takes place at a sleazy roadhouse deep in the woods of Oregon and to make matters worse it's for a gang of skinheads. Somehow the band makes it through their set and are about to leave when Pat (Yelchin) makes a stop back at the green room to discover a dead body. In a panic the band locks themselves in the room and that's when all hell breaks loose.

Green Room, written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier, hits theaters nationwide on April 29, 2016.

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