Spider-Man Makes Captain America: Civil War Awesomer [Trailer]

spider man civil war

Spider-Man, the one superhero that I support in every form. It doesn't matter if it's film, cartoon or comic books he is the only marvel property that I unconditionally enjoy. Now thanks to a deal between Disney and Sony, everyone's favorite wall crawler will be tearing through the MCU in the very near future.

Tom Holland is the latest actor to be cast as Spider-Man but his background in dance sets him apart from the pack. Holland began dancing at a hip hop class  in Wimbledon and his potential was spotted by choreographer Lynne Page. After eight auditions and two years of training, in June 2008, Holland made his West End debut in Billy Elliot the Musical as Michael, Billy's best friend. That dance background puts Holland in a position of being able to do majority of the fight choreography and not have a double or CGI fill in when action happens.

After this outing as Spider-Man, Holland is set to reprise the role in a stand-alone Spidey film under the Sony banner. As of now the details are limited and the working title is simply Spider-Man, but if comes close to what we see here; then the franchise should be in good shape.

As for the costume this outing... I find it to be more inline with how Spider-Man looked early on in his career and I see nothing wrong with it (Though McFarlane's Spider-Man sits really high in my book). I like how it's streamlined and, again, reminds me of both the early comics and cartoon.

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