TV Shows You Must Watch In 2016


TV is doing great and they have the shows to prove it. This year features shows in almost any genre you can think of, from comic book to horror television is where it's at. Since there are so many shows out there I figured I'd gather the best of the best in each genre, so you don't have to weed through everything yourself, and give you a list of what to watch in 2016.


1. Salem

2. Ash vs Evil Dead 

3. Walking Dead

4. Supernatural

5. The Originals

6. Penny Dreadful

7. Sleepy Hollow


1. Black Sails

2. Vikings

3. Outsiders


1. Better Call Saul

2. The Leftovers

3. Shameless

4. House of Cards

5. Ray Donovan 

6. Once Upon a Time

Comic Book

1. The Flash

2. Daredevil

3. Legends of Tomorrow

4. Jessica Jones

5. Gotham

***(Luke Cage hasn't aired at time of this list)


1. The Goldbergs

2. Modern Family

3. Fresh of the Boat

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

5. Love

6. Workaholics


1. Regular Show

2. Adventure Time

3. F is for Family

4. Bob's Burgers

5. American Dad


1. Second Chance

Shows on the borderline

1. Awkward

2. Lucifer

3. Scream

4. American Horror Story

5. Vampire Diaries 

6. Supergirl

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