Trajectory Coming To The Flash [Teaser]

trajectory flash tv

The Flash  season 2 episode 16 titled Trajectory will see a new speedster arrive in Central City named Eliza Harmon.

Trajectory was originally from Manchester, Alabama, Eliza Harmon was chosen by Lex Luthor to participate in the Everyman Project after she came to him begging to be granted superspeed. Her wish was granted, and she became a member of Luthor's new super-hero team. However, she was not able to slow down to normal speed without taking the drug known as the Sharp. She blamed this predicament on Luthor and left the team.

Weeks later, she had stopped using the Sharp, and her friend and former teammate, Natasha Irons, convinced Luthor to let her back on the team. She hoped to one day move on to become a member of the Teen Titans and become the new Kid Flash. However, her dreams were cut short, as Luthor stripped her of her powers at a crucial moment in a battle with Blockbuster, and she was killed.

Odd are good that her backstory will be changed but to what extent is uncertain. The Flash, returns Tuesday March 22nd on The CW.

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