The Flash: Earth-2 Confirms Zoom's Identity [SPOILERS]

zoom flash season 2

The Flash is probably the best comic book turned television show airing right now (barring Legends of Tomorrow). It delivers everything a fan of the comics could want, but at the same time is presented in a way that anyone could jump on board without any prior knowledge of the character.  That's why I love the show and, probably, spend too much time thinking about it.

After the latest episode aired, 'Escape from Earth-2', I was almost convinced that my original theory about Zoom was wrong,and now thanks to the latest episode King Shark, I was, indeed, wrong...


Since the writers have somewhat rehashed the first season, this is my other theory because the clone idea no longer holds water.

1. This is present day Jay Garrick......Good guy, speedster, but sick from the velocity 6.

This is past Jay Garrick..... Not sick and has no powers.

This is future Jay Garrick...... Sick and looking for more speed to help cure himself.  Kidnapped his past and present self to try and find a cure...

Now if this is wrong I'll eat my shoes.......... Because I don't have a hat.

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