Deadpool Goes on Kanye West Inspired Rant [Audio]


Ryan Reynolds, in character as his foul-mouthed antihero Deadpool, posted a NSFW video on Friday spoofing Kanye West's rant from backstage at Saturday Night Live.

"Listen up, Lorne Michaels. SNL took my f---ing Life of Pablo album without asking. Now I'm bummed, Imma break the motherf---ing internet.... I've got the biggest opening rated-R movie of all time. Are they f---ing crazy? I'm 50 percent more influential than MC Hammer, Apostle Judas Iscariot, the KIA Sorrento, 10 percent more influential than Barbara Bush, the Muppets, Bob Newhart. 60 percent more influential than the iPhone 5, shredded cheese and Dr. Ruth, 7 percent less influential than the Urban Dictionary."

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