Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland [Review]

Rise of Thadland

When Blue Mountain State was canceled by Spike I assumed that I would never see the Goat House again but with the help of the internet, and four years time, we finally have our chance to return to one of the best series to run on television.

BMS: The Rise of Thadland picks up with Thad (Alan Ritchson) who has indeed gone pro and was the number one draft pick over all (with a 50 million dollar signing bonus). He spends his money on zoos, guns and anything else that pops into his head. But back at BMS Alex (Darin Brooks) and Sammy (Chris Romano) are preparing to live up their senior year when the new Dean breaks the news that the Goat House is being shut down and sold. With Alex's senior year in jeopardy, he decides to contact the only person he knows who has money and is dumb enough to buy the Goat House...Thad Castle. But there is a catch, Alex must throw a very specific party that caters to Thad's whimsical nature. Then and only then will he buy the Goat House.

First and foremost Alan Ritchson (Thad) steals the show. With the constraints of television no longer an issue, Ritchson is allowed to release an uncensored version of Thad that is funnier than what is seen on the series. However the movie is still balanced enough to let Darian Brooks (Alex), Rob Ramsay (Donnie), James Cade (Harmon) and newcomer Jimmy Tatro (Dick Dawg) breakout comedic gold in some of the funniest scenes imaginable. Even though Tatro is new to the gang he plays Thad's cousin perfectly, even mimicking the same lisp Thad had years ago.

The only downside of the movie, compared to the series, is the lack of Football and Coach Daniels (Ed Marinaro). One of the things the show did exceptionally well was balance the off field story with the on field one and Coach Daniels was the link that tied it all together. Marinaro does appear throughout the movie but his role is greatly diminished from the series. I understand that squeezing a series into a feature movie isn't easy, but sacrificing Coach Daniels' storyline didn't feel right.

With that said the movie still works and does what it was designed to do; make you laugh. If you're a fan of the series then you are going to have a good time because this was made specifically for you. If you're not a fan of the series, then what the hell you reading this for? Go watch the series and comeback, everyone else mix up your mojitos and get ready for some a slooty good time. 

Rating: 7.5/10 Stars     

Rich Stile @TheDevilsEyes1

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