Blunt Force Trauma Hits The Mark [Review]

Blunt Force Trauma

Blunt Force Trauma is a modern-day western done right. It takes the art of dueling and showcases it unlike any other film before, with the exception of Sam Raimi's The Quick and The Dead. Even though The Quick and The Dead has tread here before, Blunt Force Trauma still covers new ground and pulls off a unique telling of a classic American mythos.  

John (Ryan Kwanten) travels around South America engaging in non-lethal dueling. Two contestants enter an arena wearing bulletproof vests, each enter a designated circle, then duel till one of the players can no longer stand in their circle. Most countries have banned the game, hence the international group of players hunting down one match after another. John eventually pairs up with a player called Colt (Freida Pinto). She has a car, and needs his help to find a player who killed her brother. John, meanwhile, is trying to earn a bout with Zorringer (Mickey Rourke), a legendary fighter who now stays in a remote area and lets only the best come to shoot at him.

 Ryan Kwanten and Freida Pinto are perfectly cast for this film. Ryan delivers a stellar performance as a man who wants nothing more than to be the best and challenge the best. To him it's not about the money, it's about the grace and purity of the duel. Freida brings to life a character who is hunting for meaningless revenge only to hold on to the memory of her brother.

The cinematography is beautiful. The film is truly one perfect shot after another.

Blunt Force Trauma is not just a tale of people shooting at each other. It's about one man who finds the beauty and grace in the art of the duel and his journey to become the best. It may have amazing gun duels, but there is far more here than what lies on the surface.

Rating: 9/10 Stars

Rich Stile @TheDevilsEyes1

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