Disney Blocked The Hateful Eight at Cinerama Dome

hateful eight

Quentin Tarantino has called out Disney for pushing his latest film, The Hateful Eight, out of cinemas in favor of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The 70mm version of The Hateful Eight was set to debut to the public in LA’s Cinerama Dome on the December 25, but Disney has apparently attempted to coerce Arclight Cinemas into moving it aside for the latest in the Star Wars saga.

We were gonna play at the Cinerama Dome on the 25th. We were gonna open there and play there exclusively for two weeks. And Star Wars was gonna play the two weeks before us. And I grew up in Los Angeles, so I think of the Cinerama Dome as a real big deal and imagine seeing it at the Cinerama Dome. So the thing about it was, Disney, who owns Star Wars, decided, 'Well, you know what? Maybe we wanna play throughout the entire holiday season. So we’re gonna go to the Cinerama Dome and say that they can’t honor their contract with us to show the Hateful Eight.'

And the Arclight people that own the Cinerama Dome, said 'No no, you can’t do that. We have a deal with The Hateful Eight people, and showing it in 70mm. That’s what we do.'  As of yesterday, Disney came to the Arclight people and said 'No, you are going to play Star Wars in the Cinerama Dome for the entire holiday season, and if you don’t, if you honor your deal with The Hateful Eight, we will not allow you to have Star Wars, the biggest movie in the world, we will not allow you to show it at any of your Arclight movie theaters.'

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