Why Shia Labeouf Should Play Snake Plissken

Shia Labeouf

Right now Shia Labeouf is getting a lot of attention from his #AllMyMovies stunt where he sat and watched all his movies over a three day period. Fans were welcome to come and watch the films with him, free of cost, and he streamed his reactions live.  But that isn't our topic of today, today I want to tackle the Escape From New York remake and why I believe Shia should be cast as Snake.

There are endless parallels between the two actors, both have worked on TV for many years prior to becoming breakout film stars, They both have done the Disney route and they, at one point, would have never been considered for roles as action stars. The latter really stands out as the most important to me and is the main reason why I believe he would make a successful heir to the title of Snake Plissken.

Kurt Russell had a strong Western background from his work on The Travels of Jamie McPheeters and Daniel Boone to Quest the series and two TV movies. But Kurt's career was headed for a change when he met director John Carpenter while making Elvis, a biographical movie about the famous rock singer Elvis Presley, and it is one that he is know for to this day. John approached Kurt about a small film called Escape From New York, where Kurt would play the lead character of Snake Plissken. A man who can do the impossible because he is the badass that badasses run from. Kurt was hesitant about the role, but when they were filming Kurt ran into a group of five guys, while in character, they instantly stated "we don't want no problems, man" and took off. After that encounter, Kurt told John he knew that the character would work. 

Shia broke out on the TV show Even Stevens where he played the dorkish young brother Louis Stevens. He was a scrawny kid who did not scream action star, but the kid did show he had acting talent in a small film called The Battle of Shaker Heights. Just four years later Michael Bay would cast him as the lead in Transformers. No one thought he would work but, as history has proved, he killed the role which lead to an even bigger franchise Indiana Jones. Regardless of your opinion of the films they did financially well and showed that Shia can be a lead in an action film.

But, I wasn't sold on the idea of him being Snake until I saw the music video for Sia's Elastic Heart. Shia had bulked up, grew a beard and gave a performance with no words that set the internet afire. Once the video ended I was sold on the idea. Shia could easily play the role of Snake Plissken and do it justice.

Shia has shown that he has the ability to "hold a gun" and bring in money while doing it. And while he may have decided to do his own thing as of late, it doesn't devalue his ability to give a solid performance. I know many will say "no way", but that seems to be every persons knee-jerk reaction when recasting an iconic character. I say look beyond and focus on the raw talent that Shia has. He not only fits the role physically, but has a range that is rare in today's talent pool. He has the ability to deliver and with the approaching remake by FOX, I say give him the chance. Because as history has show, the least likely candidate usually ends up being the only candidate.

Rich Stile @TheDevilsEyes1

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