Fireworm Fossil Rollinschaeta Named After Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins

A group of scientists from the University of Bristol in the UK and the Natural History Museum in London have named a newly discovered species of particularly muscular fossil fireworms after D.C. hardcore punk rocker and He Never Died star, Henry Rollins.

During a study of the fossilized remains of the Rollinschaeta myoplena the team was able to determine the species was a close relative of earthworms and leeches as well as a member of the fireworm (Amphinomidae) family. All of which have soft bodies.

According to Greg Edgecombe of the Natural History Museum, (the co-author of the study) this was the first time that “any fossil has been identified by its muscle anatomy.” Sadly, the Rollinschaeta is extinct so we can’t all run out and start a new hardcore punk rock worm colony in our basements.

Check out the trailer for Henry Rollin's latest movie He Never Died below:

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