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    This week Forest is taken back by the new horror love story Spring, and Cory shares his thoughts on the Shyamalan-esque The Darkroom.

    Forest also talks about writing a book exploring David Lynch's Mulholland Dr. and Cory attends a screening of Len Kabasinski's Ninja: Prophecy of Death. The horror duo also chat about the behind the scenes of Masters of the Universe. All this and, Rose McGowan shows all in her first music video, Shout Factory! is set to release a 16 disc collection of Werner Herzong films and the "Hulk Hogan Thunder Mixer". For more Slaughter Film news and reviews, as well as show notes and special events, make sure to visit our website; SlaughterFilm.com.

    00:00 Introduction & Chat
    21:06 Forest reviews Spring
    35:30 Know Your Horror Trivia
    38:30 Cory reviews The Darkroom
    57:58 Comments & Conclusion
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