Mick Taylor Returns In Wolf Creek TV Series

Wolf Creek TV Series

Fans of the Wolf Creek films have been awaiting news of a third installment of the film franchise and now we have some info on where the next entry is headed. On Adam Green and Joe Lynch's Movie Crypt Podcast Director Greg McLean revealed that Wolf Creek will return, but on the small screen. The iconic fictional character will be seen via the new Australian video-on-demand service Stan.

Australian actor John Jarratt, 62, is set to reprise his role as the iconic villain for the series. The Wolf Creek drama series comes from the creative forces behind the phenomenally successful Wolf Creek films and the smash-hit Underbelly television series. This series is being developed by writer/director Greg Mclean (Wolf Creek, Rogue), writer/producer Peter Gawler (Underbelly), writer Felicity Packard (Underbelly) and executive producer Greg Haddrick (Underbelly, Anzac Girls).

Screentime and Mclean's Emu Creek Pictures are collaborating on the Wolf Creek series. Screentime MD Bob Campbell tells IF he hopes the first draft screenplay will be completed by Easter and, assuming the project gets the greenlight, the aim is to go into production before the end of the year.
Given the global recognition of the Wolf Creek brand, he thinks the material is ripe for international pre-sales or the participation of an international co-production partner and he believes the TV series has franchise potential.

Wolf Creek is planned as a six-part series. Wolf Creek reimagined for television will be a compelling, psychologically complex and visually spectacular suspense series driven by a young woman’s quest for justice. Star of the Wolf Creek films, John Jarratt, is attached to reprise his role of the iconic villain Mick Taylor.

Mclean said: “Wolf Creek and the character of Mick Taylor have become household names, and the opportunity to tell a rich and complex story in his world in a high-quality drama series is a thrilling creative opportunity. Plus, I couldn’t be more excited about collaborating with the Screentime team who consistently create outstanding entertainment.”

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