Real Life Horror: Man Brings Human Remains To Grocery Store


Here is another story from the great state of Florida. A homeless man in Sebastian was spotted at a Publix walking around with a human skull and "He was using it as a puppet," said witness Nick Pecoraro to WPBF. "It smelled like death." Pecoraro called 911 after he saw the man with the skull around 10 a.m. Tuesday, who said he was talking to it and showing it to customers. "It's definitely a human skull; it's still got teeth in it," Pecoraro told a dispatcher in the 911 call. "I'm standing in front of it, but I'm not touching it," he said.

The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office said that the homeless man was living in a wooded area near U.S. 1 where he found human remains and then walked to a Publix to report the body.

Responding deputies located the remains approximately 200 feet east of U.S. 1. The bones were slightly scattered in a manner consistent with animal disruption. The general area is frequented by a small homeless population estimated at 5 to 7 people but is known for transient visitors and varying amounts of temporary occupants. Those located in the woods were cooperative with investigators and provided information on the possible identity of the deceased subject although detectives have not been able to confirm the name.

As of this time, members of Indian River County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Services, Criminal Investigations, and Uniform Patrol units remain on scene and are working with the Medical Examiner investigator. The remains will be taken to the Medical Examiner’s Office where cause of death and identity will attempt to be determined.

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