Halloween Returns: A Perfect-ish Halloween Sequel Pitch

Halloween Returns

Michael Myers is an icon and a staple in cinematic history. The tale of HalloweeN, spun by John Carpenter and Debra Hill, is one that invites fear and suspense into every viewers heart. But it wasn't only Michael who made the film what it is. Donald Pleasence, as Dr. Loomis, is the other half of the film and that character is the reason why it works so well. Now how do you make a Halloween sequel, 35 years too late, and keep the dynamic that made the first two films so great? Well that is the question I am going to try and answer.

Note: This isn't a full-on script, it's just an outline of how I would make the film and try to capture a fraction of the spirit that the first two had. This is how I would have the film make sense and maybe make Michael the "boogeyman" again. With that said, I have faith that Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan will do a decent job..... It can't be worse than Resurrection, right?

First things first, Michael needs his "Ahab", Dr. Loomis, but since he is dead we must go with the next best thing....


    Black screen.  SUPERIMPOSE:
                                            London, England
                                           November 10, 1978

                                                      DISSOLVE TO:


                                            Sam, are you ready?

 We see a 19 year old boy who slightly resembles a young Donald Pleasence. He is in a black suit fumbling with a black tie. He is preparing for a funeral.


We are introduced to Sam Jr., he is Dr. Loomis' one and only son. Dr. Loomis and his wife divorce when Sam Jr. was five. They had moved to the states together, but the Myers case became Samuel's only concern and it drove them apart. They separated and she, along with Sam Jr., moved back to England.


There it is. That is how you set up our new "Ahab", we take the son of Dr. loomis, mold him into a man who has never had his father's full attention and he now can never get it because he is dead. He would blame Michael for this and that would be the spark that sets him ablaze. Show that he is majoring in psychology and plans to follow in his father's footsteps. Follow him through his graduation then on to his move to Haddonfield where he signs on to work the case that ultimately took his father's life; Michael Myers.

This will bring us to Michael who, for just a few minutes screen time, would be in a coma. Sam would check in on him from time to time, but he would spend most of his time working with the only two children from that terrible night, Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace.

(Sam is doing this because he wants to show he can do what his dad did, only better. He may have anger towards his dad, but at the end of the day he just wants to succeed in a way that his father would be proud of him.)

----------------------------------CUT TO 10 YEARS LATER--------------------------------------------

Michael wakes up from his coma (scarred over from burns) and, even though he was found insane for his sister's murder, he must stand trial for his killings in 1978. We have Tommy and Lindsey take the stand. We go through the trial and surprise, he is found guilty and sentenced to death.

We fade in on the lethal injection chamber and see teenage Tommy, Lindsey and Sam Jr. ( now going by Dr. Loomis). They bring Michael in and hook him up. The pumps begin and the poison is injected. Michael starts to shake and we think he is going to break free, but he slumps over. He is dead.

Hard cut to black. Fade in on Michael laying on a slab waiting to be cremated. He is loaded into the furnace and, bam, his eyes open. We see the crematorium tech shut the door, turn on the machine and head to the bathroom. As he enters the bathroom we see a girl come in. She is an intern who has forgotten her house keys. Just as she is about to leave the furnace door flies open and Michael falls out. She goes to run, but it's too late. Michael grabs her and throws her in the furnace and she is cremated in his place. Que the theme, Michael walks out....FADE TO BLACK.

This is how we get Michael back to being a ghost. Everyone will believe he is dead. No one is going to be looking for a dead man. Of course this now sets up Michael's targets. Tommy, Linsey and Dr. Loomis the three people who help get him "executed".  Just to be clear, Michael is not dead and he didn't die and return Jason style. He is still a living person, just with unnatural capabilities.


    Black screen.  SUPERIMPOSE:

                                                  HADDONFIELD, ILLINOIS
                                                       OCTOBER 31,1990
                                                       ONE YEAR LATER


This is our third act. We show that Tommy and Lindsey are now together and still visiting with Dr. Loomis. They are almost over the ordeal now Michael is dead, but Sam still finds it hard to believe that the man who claimed his fathers life is dead. After they leave he pulls out a box that holds two urns. One is nice, the other just a black plastic box. It's his father and the "remains" of Michael, he claimed them. After he goes through what is almost a ritual of berating both urns, he puts them away and turns on the news.

Someone bought the Myers house and turned it into a roadside attraction complete with gift shop. Needless to say the residents weren't thrilled but it did bring in a lot of revenue so they let it go. Inside they sold tons of junk, but their biggest hit was the Face of Death white mask. They are replicas of Michael's mask. Michael didn't like this so on the night of the 30th he broke in, stole a mask, killed the owner and set it on fire. The fire is the top story on the news.

Loomis watches the story unfold on tv and enjoys it, but when the say it was arson and one person was found dead, it doesn't sit well. Then the follow up story is a vigil that is being held for the young intern who disappeared one year ago after she left work ( call it Hill Crematorium and Funeral Home). How could he have missed this? It could not be a coincidence, could it?

Have Loomis pull the ashes and take them to a friend and asks for a rush favor, check the DNA of the ashes or at the very least determine if they are male or female. Though his gut is telling him now that Michael is alive.

Now we see Loomis go to the cops and do almost exactly what his father had done. Warn them that Michael may be alive, he is the one who burned the house and that no one is safe.

Then throw in a kill (Tommy and Lindsey's neighbor) and Michael lurking around , Sam getting the results back that it's female DNA and then we get to Sam rushing to Tommy and Lindsey's house.

 Lindsey gets killed and we see Tommy fighting for his life. Just as Michael is about to finish him off  Sam bursts into the house and runs upstairs.



(This is the Doyle house from part one. It hasn't changed that much. Tommy's room is now the  room where the final scene from part one took place, we find ourselves back in that same room)


Michael stops and looks and him. Almost like he knows him, not just from his trial, but on a personal level. He looks familiar, but it's not his Dr. Loomis. (Michael tilts his head to the side) After a beat he raises his arm and heads towards Sam.

Sam pulls out his fathers .38 revolver in his left hand and shoots Michael six times. Michael stumbles backwards, but he doesn't break through the glass doors and fall off the terrace.

                                        Not this time motherfucker!

With his right hand he pulls out a chrome .45 and unloads a single shot into Michael's head sending him through the glass doors and over the railing and into the yard. Almost a shot-for-shot scene now takes place as Sam walks up to look down in the yard. But this time, as he peers out, Michael is there laying on the ground, bloodied and dead.

                                     Did you kill the Boogeyman?

                                               Yes, I believe I did.


                  ROLL CREDITS.


That's it, that's all I wrote. Now I don't believe it's perfect and it needs a lot of work, but I'm not going to do that. This, as stated, was just a rough idea, outlined to show how you could pick up from part 2. I would have liked to write in the Laurie character, but it wouldn't work and this is as close as you can get to original characters and still make it believable.

I hope you enjoyed the read, cause it was actually fun doing this. But if you didn't, well, sucks you wasted that time, huh? You should probably express that rage in the comments below. Go ahead, you know you want to.

Rich Stile  @TheDevilsEyes1

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