Rabbit In Red: Fright-Rags Owner Ben Scrivens [Interview]

Since starting Fright-Rags in 2003, Ben's focus has always been about making kick-ass products for hardcore fans. That passion has lead Fright-Rags to evolve over the years and continues to fuel them as they expand to bring you the best in horror apparel.

Their drive is to make the best horror shirts this side of the universe, starting with high-quality artwork and printing. That means commissioning top-notch artists to create amazing, original artwork and then figuring out a way to capture it onto a t-shirt. Fright-Rags likes to push the envelope with what can be done with screen printing, and They are always working on improving the quality of our products.

Now join me as I sit down with Ben and talk about everything and anything Fright-Rags, Horror and what it's like starting a business from scratch.

Rich Stile @TheDevilsEyes1

Rabbit In Red @RabbitInRedShow

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