Wes Craven's Original 'Cursed' Script and BTS Footage

Skeet Ulrich

This is kinda confusing so try to pay attention. Cursed, which stars Jessie Eisenberg, Christina Ricci and Joshua Jackson, was once a completely different movie starring Skeet Ulrich and no Joshua Jackson. This movie was filmed to completion, but Dimension didn't like the wolf or the ending so the whole film was re-shot. Yep, there is an unseen version of Cursed out there similar to the Halloween 6 Producers Cut. So I gathered what I could and put together this "outline" of what the film would have been, with a bonus behind-the-scenes video showing Skeet on set (via EW).
In the opening of the movie, Jenny (Played by Mandy Moore) meets a man dressed as a werewolf at a Hollywood costume party for charity (PETA). Unbeknownst to Jenny, he's the real deal. His identity is masked by the costume and while Jenny is interested and attracted at first, the man takes his werewolf pick up lines too far when he threatens to disembowel her. She reacts and he slinks off into the crowd. Later, in the parking lot, on her way to her car, He stalks and kills her in the parking lot (pretty much like what we seen where Mya plays the role). Roll Opening credits.

Skeet Being Bitten By The Werewolf

We are introduced to the three leads: Ellie Harper (Christina Ricci) an associate producer on “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn,” Vince Winston (Skeet Ulrich) a spoiled rich kid and Jimmy Myers (Jesse Eisenberg) your typical geeky high-school teenager. Ellie has just been broken up with by her boyfriend and Vince has just been rebuffed by Becky (Shannon Elizabeth), a superficial one-note character, in a bar.... Ellie's Volvo runs into something and an enormous claw crashes through her windshield, which causes her to fly into Vince's Mercedes, knocking him off the road. Jimmy stops when he sees this and tries to help. Down in the ditch where Vince's car has ended up, a strange creature attacks Vince...then Ellie...and finally Jimmy before the police and paramedics arrive. . Although they survived, they will never be the same again. When the next full moon arrives, changes become apparent in all of their behaviors. Suddenly Ellie has urges for blood at work. Jimmy wins a spot on the wrestling team. Ellie and Vince make love to each other like animals (these scenes can be seen in quick flashes in the final cut). After doing some research on the subject of werewolves, via the Internet, Jimmy discovers that to break the curse they must slay the person who first turned them into werewolves. Just to make it a little fun, the final encounter takes place in a Hollywood Wax museum, not the horror themed club Tinsel Town seen in the final cut.

There is also two cameos from Corey Feldman and Scott Baio. Feldman briefly appears in the story, while Baio is courted by Ellie to be on the “Late Late Show”  She has to deal with Scott's assistant Joannie (this can still be seen in the movie).

The ending plays out at a Wax Museum and it is revealed that their are two evil werewolves. The big reveal is that Scott Baio, yes SCOTT BAIO, is the big bad wolf, but wait there is more. He isn't the main villain...... Baio is some sort of apprentice to his assistant Joannie (this version has her as the Alpha Wolf) who is the real WEREWOLF. A battle ensues and are three leads kill the two Wolves and all is well with the world. There are conflicting accounts about Scott Baio living because he changes his mind and doesn't want to be a Werewolf anymore, but I'm not sure which actually played out on the screen.

Well, there you have it. The original story, that was completely filmed, that we will never see... Unless someone reading this can get their hands on the footage and share it with the world.

Here is that video showing Skeet's scenes:

Rich Stile @TheDevilsEyes1

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