Horror Fans Unite: The Hills Run Red Needs A Blu-ray Release

Hills Run Red

Horror Fans Unite: The Hills Run Red Needs A Blu-ray Release, I think that title says it all but let me get into some detail for ya.

Okay boys and girls, this is very important, but let me provide some context. Recently I've been writing a lot about horror, not just because it's my favorite genre but because it's almost the great month of October. While going over some of my favorite films, I started thinking about The Hills Run Red and what needs to happen for a sequel. Instead of just saying "oh well" I took to Twitter to ask David Parker (director of Hills Run Red) and he responded, but in his response I found out that WB never gave the film a Blu-ray release.

That brings us to this. We need to flood @wbpictures with (Tweets), (Facebook posts) facebook.com/WarnerBrosPictures  and (emails) warnerbros.com/customer-service with requests that they give the film a Blu-ray release. Let them know the film is popular, horror fans like it and we believe it deserve a proper release. The goal here is that we will not only get Hills Run Red on Blu-ray, but maybe we can get the sequel that is long over due.

If you have no idea what The Hills Run Red is (shame on you), then checkout the trailer below and read this synopsis: 

The film revolves around Tyler (Tad Hilgenbrink), a film aficionado on the hunt to find a completed print of a lost and legendary 80's slasher film, The Hills Run Red, rumored to be the most brutal and gory little horror gem ever created. Enlisting the help of his girlfriend and best friend, Tyler ventures out into the backwoods in search of the holy grail of gruesome, only to discover that things aren't quite as they appear...

Rich Stile @TheDevilsEyes1

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