Ash vs Evil Dead Episode Titles and Synopses

Ash vs Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi will soon unleash another entry in the Evil Dead franchise, this time as a series aptly titled Ash vs Evil Dead. In Ash vs Evil Dead, Ashley 'Ash" Williams, the one-handed ageing Lothario, will be forced to put on the chainsaw as the Deadites are back to create havoc in his life.

Starz has released the synopsis and title of each episode, which provide an in-depth look at Ash's blood-filled adventure as he embarks on a journey to decode the Necronomicon (the book of the dead) in order to end the horror plague. This time, Ash will fight the gory ghosts along with Pablo, his loyal sidekick and Ruby, a woman with a secret mission of her own.

Ep 101 – El Jefe

Ash is baaack! 30 years after his last Deadite fight, badass blowhard Ash Williams unleashes the Evil in an act of stoned stupidity, bringing Deadite mayhem into his life again.

Ep 102 – Bait

Special Agent Fisher is tracking Ash. Pablo gets his first taste of blood in a manic battle, and a revelation changes Kelly’s life forever.

Ep 103 – Books From Beyond

A mysterious woman finds the destruction at Kelly’s parents’ farm. Meanwhile, Ash, Pablo and Kelly reach Books from Beyond with the Necronomicon and Fisher finds herself in another terrifying, inexplicable situation.

Ep 104 – Brujo

Ruby helps Fisher and reveals her family’s connection to the Evil Dead. Ash and team follow a clue from the demon Eligos, but Kelly pays a price.

Ep 105 – The Host

Kelly’s current state puts others in jeopardy. This forces Pablo to make a brave move and Ash to reveal a new side to his character. Ruby and Fisher join forces in pursuit of Ash.

Ep 106 – The Killer of Killers

Thanks to his drug-induced vision, Ash knows what to do with the Necronomicon. Pablo and Kelly notice something ominous. Ash promises to visit Lem, but Fisher shows up for an almighty showdown with her former boss.

Ep 107 – Fire In The Hole

Ash, Pablo and Kelly, now joined by Fisher, arrive at the survivalist camp in the midst of chaos and must go to extreme measures to escape. Meanwhile, more is revealed of Ruby’s mission.

Ep 108 – Ashes To Ashes

Ash attempts to bury the book to end the Evil, but first he must contend with other, more physical things from his past. Fisher faces a horrific change in Ash.

Ep 109 – Bound In The Flesh

Ash battles someone all too familiar, and later hears a message from the Necronomicon. Meanwhile, the deadliest Deadite attacks.

 If it seems like some of the storylines from Army Of Darkness are showing up in the series, well you'd be correct. If you want to know why the series is ignoring AOD, then check out the full explanation Army Of Darkness not Canon.

Also just some basic math, 30 years ago it was 1985, not 1992, so that right there should be enough to confirm the lack of Army of Darkness in the series. But Evil Dead 2 was 1987, so maybe someone at Starz just decided to round up. Either way more Ash is always a good thing. 

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