'The Confession of Fred Krueger' Score Exclusive

 HorrorHound Weekend

Lito Velasco and Primitivo Productions have produced a score CD for Nathan Thomas Milliner's short film "The Confession of Fred Krueger", which stars Kevin Roach as the title character and makes its premiere at HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis on Friday, September 11th.

 Titled KILLING INNOCENCE: THE BIRTH OF A MONSTER, the 45-minute CD is available ONLY as a Limited Release exclusively at HorrorHound or via online pre-orders. So, if you'd like to PRE-ORDER, please send Lito a Private Message at his Facebook page: ...but do it sooner rather than later because they're numbered and selling quickly.

To ease your mind about the idea of an independent release pre-order, please remember: Lito is one of the people behind "Never Sleep Again" (both the film and the book) and he recently successfully released a CD score to the "Hellraiser" documentary, "Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellraiser II"(still available as Digital Download).

Below is the new video with 20-second samples from most of the tracks on the CD. The score is a tribute to the original film and its music: Charles Bernstein-inspired but completely original music for "Nightmare" fans. CD's are $10 either at HorrorHound Weekend or when reserving for pickup AT the show. Shipped CD's are $10 + $4.50 shipping (Tracked 1st Class Mail) when ordering online and will be mailed on approximately September 15th.

The film will be premiering at HorrorHound Weekend. It's showing twice on Friday and Saturday night. More info on the festivities can be found here:

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