The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer HD

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

They decided to show the first full trailer at SDCC 2015 for The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2. It starts with the Capitol in smoke. There are lots of sweeping vistas—it’s huge scope, setting up an epic showdown between Snow and Katinss. “The game is coming to its end,” Snow says. The District 13 people say: “Our future starts tomorrow at dawn. We march together into the Capitol.” The characters explain that, because of the invasion, Snow has booby-trapped the entire city to make it into a big, huge, almost new Hunger Games itself. “Sadistic inventions designed to make sport of our death.”

Katniss shoots an arrow down the street and all this fire and stuff pops out. “Welcome to the seventy-sixth Hunger Games,” Finnick jokes. Katniss is shown leading a huge mass of people down the middle of the capital, the same place they came in in the first two movies. “We’ve got one shot—lets make it count,” Gale saya. Then we get a huge montage of action: Buildings falling, lots of fighting, arrows shooting, guns firing out of walls, weird mutants in the sewers. As this is happening, Peeta says “Our lives were never ours, they belonged to Snow. If you kill him Katniss, you end all of this. All of those deaths will mean something.” The action beats continue, falling oil, crazy things jumping out, then Katniss says “Turn your weapons to the capital. Turn your weapons to Snow.”

“I feel like there doesn’t even have to be a movie now,” O’Brien said. “Show that four times in the theater.”

The trailer basically just sells a huge, huge action movie—which the director reiterated is exactly what he wanted. He called it a “real battle” movie and to shoot it, filming moved from Atlanta to Europe.

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