Garden Party Massacre Coming 2016

Comedy is the name of the game and the GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE team has just launched its updated official website, complete with a teaser trailer and an opportunity for fans to get involved--and all with an uproarious, irreverent sense of humor.  The cheeky tone is approprriate: GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE is a fast-paced, hilarious romp in the vein of Shaun of the Dead and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, telling the hilarious tale of a backyard gathering that goes horribly wrong when an uninvited guest shows up…with a pickaxe.

“We hadn’t originally planned on including a campaign such as this,” creator Gregory Blair says.  “I thought folks were tired of crowdfunding, hence the parody element in our teaser.  But there are just too many people out there who still think these campaigns are fun and exciting and want to be a part (and get a piece) of the action.  And it's a party, so why not invite everyone to partake?"

The parody element Blair refers to is in the teaser trailer/campaign video on the page.  In it, he claims to be several, far more famous actors who have used crowdfunding—a tact that delights some and angers others.  “I understand when folks feel crowdfunding is for the underdogs, not folks who’ve already reached a level of fame and success in the field.  But to be fair, it has to be for everyone.  So I say power to them.  And power to us all.”    Blair says the parody element is meant simply to be yet another amusing angle to exemplify the comedic element of the project.  “It’s all in good fun,” he says.  “Just watch out for the blood!”

GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE is set to begin production this fall through PIX/SEE Productions; just days after Blair’s earlier film DEADLY REVISIONS is released on 9/29/15 via SGL Entertainment.  With DEADLY REVISIONS garnering the Flicker award for “Best Picture”, the L.A. Movie Award for “Best Narrative Feature” as well as the Claw Award for “Best Feature Film Screenplay”, Blair has at least proven himself a writer/director with promise.  And GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE promises to be fun for all.
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