Soccer Moms In Peril Short Film [Review]

Soccer Moms In Peril Short Film

Ever wonder what it would be like if snarky, sex starved, housewives/soccer moms were kidnapped by a Leatherface type character? Well neither have I, but thanks to Damian K. Lahey's short film Soccer Moms In Peril I want to see a whole feature on the subject.

Damian K. Lahey is the writer/director of the comedy/horror short Soccer Moms In Peril. The short has a running time of eight minutes and is packed with humor. In the eight minutes we meet our main mom, the killer and another mom who has been missing for some time. The kicker though is that her husband is having an affair with the main mom and even while facing certain death can't help but bicker of this. It truly is a funny dialogue driven short.

The dialogue is awesome, but what really stood out to me on this short is the cinematography. The camera never moves off the main mom, it slightly pans down and up but no cut aways.  This was an interesting choice, it leaves the viewer to fill in what is unseen with your imagination and yes even in 2015 that is still a very effective method.

Soccer Moms In Peril is an awesome blend of both comedy and horror, my only complaint is that it wasn't longer. I have been teased and now I just want more. I could see this short becoming a feature and being a solid companion to Tucker and Dale vs Evil. If you get the chance you should definitely check it out.

Rating: 8.5/10 Stars 

Soccer Moms In Peril is having its world premiere at 'Dances With Films'  this coming Friday, May 29th. If your in the LA area make sure you check this out, no excuses.

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