The Rock and Rob Corrdry Become 'Ballers' For HBO

ballers the rock

HBO has released the trailer for the new series Ballers, which will premiere on Sunday, June 21.

Starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as Spencer Strasmore, a retired pro-football player, who is now struggling in his new career as a financial advisor. In his new role, he tries to advise his NFL friends financially and professionally, but identifies with the trials they are going through and tries to protect them from making the same mistakes he and his teammates made.

Set in Miami, Ballers is a half-hour drama centered on a group of current and former professional football players, as well as their families, friends, and handlers. The series goes beyond the game and explores not only the challenges that current players face, but also takes a behind-the-scenes, real look into their lives both on and off the field.

Created by Steve Levinson and produced by Mark Wahlberg, the pilot is directed by Peter Berg. Rob Corrdry, Omar Benson Miller, John David Washington, Donovan Carter, Troy Garity, Jazmyn Simon, and Arielle Kebble also star.

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