LEAKED! Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer [Video]

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice stands in stark contrast to the rapturous reaction to the Star Wars trailer today, a trailer that did a remarkable job of selling an adventure, something that's both thrilling and fun to watch. Whereas this trailer went the dark and bleak route.

I'm not sure what to think about this trailer as it doesn't give much context.... What I gather is that Superman is being hailed as a god by most, but those in power fear him. He saves people and they build a statue of him, but there is a large group that doesn't trust him?

I don't know why Batman wants to know if he bleeds and we see no Lex in the trailer, but that doesn't mean much. If this is anything like Man of Steel it should be good and of course I'm going to see it.........BUT it does feel like it's missing something.

Needs more Batman.........Anyway, watch it now because it is likely this is going to be taken down very quickly.

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