Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Breakdown [Photos]

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman has had an official trailer released thanks to the leaked version making the rounds on the internet. You can see the Batman V Superman trailer here or just keep reading to see each awesome frame broken down in all its glory.

First thing, the biggest takeaway from the trailer is that we now have a reason as to why these two heroes are fighting. People don't trust Superman (Henry Cavill) and the power he wields after the events of Man of Steel. Second, we may have found a spoiler in the trailer that reveals a Batman villain in the film. But first things first, let's breakdown these shots shall we.

Click on the photos to enlarge

Now I have just a few more things to do, but I will be back with a follow up to these shots and who our Batman villain will be! It is a spoiler, that is why I'm posting it separate. Keep it locked to The Devil's Eyes for more on Batman V Superman.

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