'Suicide Squad' Movie Main Villain has Leaked

ed harris suicide squad

Suicide Squad has a main villain and it's not the Joker. It's a character that I have never heard of and I doubt many others have as well.

According to a report over at El Mayimbe, the main villain is going to be a minor DC Comics character named Antiphon and they are currently looking at Ed Harris for the role. His origin is being rewritten a bit since he’s only been in the comics twice, but one thing that does stay the same is that he’s the leader of a mercenary force named Onslaught. Onslaught is even more amoral and vicious than the Suicide Squad. Also, he just happens to be covered in burn scars and only has one leg.

Screen Rant speculates further based on this that the final twist in the movie is that Rick Flag, Jr. is working with Antiphon, who’s really Rick Flag, Sr. Mostly, this seems to be based on rumors that Rick Flag, Sr. was a character, and that Harris was up for that role and is now up for Antiphon.

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