The Future of Spider-Man, Venom and The Sinister Six Movies

spider man civil war movie

As you have heard by now Spider-Man now has the ability to pop up, when needed, in all future Marvel movies. What exactly does that mean though and who is really calling the shots on Spider-Man now? Well, here it is broken down for an easier to understand explanation.

Marvel Studios will not be paying Sony for the rights to put Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War or The Avengers franchise as part of its new partnership with the studio. At the same time, Marvel will not receive any of the box office revenue for any Sony Spider-Man solo film. Sony will not receive a percentage of the revenue Disney makes from Marvel’s films that have Spider-Man, either.

For Marvel to benefit financially from a Sony movie, it has to hit a certain box office milestone. The financial relationship is likened by sources to the kind of compensation structure a producer would receive.

The deal, which might be the first of its kind ever, actually benefits both sides significantly. By Sony lending its character to Marvel, it has a way to generate more exposure for the web slinger. Doing so also creates some serious goodwill among Spider-Man fans, who have wanted to see the character become part of the Avengers.

Sony is going to recast Spider-Man and he will make his reveal in Captain America: Civil War. The
studio hasn't been on the best terms with Garfield and thanks to those Sony hacks it was basically confirmed that he was out and Civil War will reveal the new Spidey.

The studio is still moving forward with the Spider-Man villain-centric “Sinister Six,” and “Venom” spinoff, as well as a film that features female characters in the “Spider-Man” universe. “The Amazing Spider-Man 3″ has been cancelled. While Marvel’s Kevin Feige is involved with Sony’s new “Spider-Man” films, he is currently not expected to be creatively involved with the spinoffs, sources say.
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