Awesome 80's Art From Rocky Davies

awesome 80s art shredder aliens freddy

Sometimes, like today, I get bored and do random searches to see what pops up. I never know exactly what I'm looking for, but I know it when I find it. Today was a "80's movie art" day and I found what is probably the end-all-be-all of 80's artwork.

Rocky Davies is an artist and designer who draws on his love of the past to create some of the most beautiful works of art that I have ever seen. What once was just a Deviant Art page has turned into a full fledged store. Davies store, The Age of Nerd, has a host of prints and shirts all designed by Davies. 

The man is extremely talented and really captures the decade in each work he produces, but wait there is more. Not only does he have works of the 80's, but there are some amazing kidified prints of classic Marvel superheroes, Ninja Turtles and Link from Zelda.

If you're a fan of awesome art or the 80's you need to head over to The Age of Nerd now and pick up a print. Davies also has a Facebook page where he shows off all his works, so give him a follow to keep to on his latest creations.

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