The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Now Casting, Garfield Returning

the amazing spider man 3

Sony is moving forward with The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and is currently in the casting process.

For awhile now it has been reported that Sony was contemplating returning Spider-Man to Marvel/Disney so the web slinger could appear in The Avengers future installments. They would receive a cut of the profits for returning the character and some other unknows, but it seems that has fall through or never really was. 

Sony  may have decided how to take the series forward, as a casting call has emerged over at Bill Beckman Casting, which suggest that Sony is pushing ahead with The Amazing Spider-Man 3, and that both Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker / Spider-Man) and Dane DeHaan (Harry Osborn / Green Goblin) will be returning for another adventure that will see Spidey “facing a new challenge to protect New York City.”

Now the question is " Did Sony ever plan on returning Spider-Man or was that just smoke?" I am not too bothered by this as I would like to see the Andrew Garfield storyline play out and not be cut short. After his run however, let the cards lie where they fall and go from there.

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