Stallone Confirms Rambo 5 and Reveals Title

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Sylvester Stallone Reveals Rambo 5 Will Shoot In 2015  and it's title is confirmed as Rambo: Last Blood

After years of development stories, Sylvester Stallone has kicked off 2015 with the announcement that he will shortly be revisiting the one-man-army know as John Rambo. Taking to Twitter, he revealed that the fifth Rambo movie will almost certainly be the final one, since its titled as Last Blood.

We've been here several times before, since the bluntly-titled fourth Rambo in 2008. The fifth film was originally touted as a south-of-the-border cartel kidnap thriller. Then it went weirdly sci-fi, then back to its original form. And then it became nothing. "The character came full circle [in the fourth film]; he went home," Sly told us in 2010. "For Rambo to go on another adventure might be misinterpreted as a mercenary gesture and not necessary."

Then in 2011 came the news that Conan The Barbarian writer Sean Hood had turned in a screenplay called The Last Stand, which Hood described as a small-town thriller in the vein of First Blood, and as Rambo's Unforgiven. Then there was a pitch for a TV series, before last June there were reports that German company Splendid Film had picked up the Rambo V movie rights, and that the plot once again involved Rambo up against a Mexican cartel. The comparison Stallone was throwing around at that point was with No Country For Old Men.

 Stallone Reveals Rambo 5 Will Shoot In 2015  and it's title is confirmed as Rambo: Last Blood

Whether that's the same screenplay Hood submitted, or a return to earlier drafts remains to be seen. It's also not clear yet whether Sly is planning to direct the film himself, although he has certainly had a hand in the writing process.

As the Tweets specify, Rambo: Last Blood comes in a year when Stallone is also returning to his other signature role as Rocky Balboa in Creed.
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