'Gotham' to Feature The Flying Graysons

the flying graysons gotham

Vixen Varsity has revealed a few images and details revolving around Episode 16 of Gotham, titled ‘The Blind Fortune Teller’. The pictures include Instagram photos from the set of Haly’s Circus, which fans of comic book lore will recognize as the home of the Flying Graysons,the family whose death will one day lead young Dick Grayson to become the first Robin and later Nightwing.

Actor Rob Gorrie is playing Dick’s father John Grayson and posted a picture of the cover of his copy of ‘The Blind Fortune Teller’ script. The Haly’s Circus set is replete with the expected crowd of colorful circus folk. The story will be a Romeo and Julietesque story between John Grayson (son of a trapeze artist) and Mary Lloyd (daughter of a clown) who are forbidden to love each other. Somehow a brawl breaks out in the circus and the clowns fight the trapeze artists.

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