Fantastic Four Trailer Looks Like Interstellar Clone

fantastic four 2015

I really do try to spare judgement on movies before I have seen them, but the Fantastic 4 trailer just looks horrid. Now I am by no means a FF super fan, I only have a few dozen issues of FF in the comics box and really only began to appreciate them when the first "real" film came out in 2005. Sure some people thought it sucked, but I was more in the camp of  "Dr.Doom was badass". It may have had minor flaws, but the story is solid and now looking back I really do like movie for what it is. That brings me to FF reboot.

I don't care that they cast a black guy (Mike Jordan) as Johnny Storm in the movie. He can be adopted or whatever back story they come up with and it doesn't throw me one way or another. As long as there is a solid brother/sister bond between him and Sue that is believable I'll buy it . What does bother me though, is that they did this just so they can play people off each other and create buzz around a movie that they rushed into production just to keep the filming rights to. I find it very backhanded and demeaning to established black superheros when they just change the race of an established white superhero. Al Simmons Spawn, Black Panther, Luke Cage, Cyborg, Storm and the list goes on, are all black characters who are very deserving of their own films. Yet instead of doing that they take a popular white character and turn him black? That says to me 1) the studios (sans Disney, with their upcoming Black Panther movie) have very little faith in established black superheros and 2) They are just using it as a marketing gimmick.

The trailer (posted below) itself looks like a carbon copy of Interstellar. From the looks of it, they are going with the Ultimate Universe for this outing, but that doesn't make this any more Fantastic. I would like to see this film succeed and if it doesn't I place no blame on the cast. It looks like it could be a cool Sci-Fi movie, but not a Fantastic Four movie. The buck starts and stops with the studio that put this into motion and that's FOX.  I don't think FOX really cares if this movie succeeds. The studio isn't looking for box office success, they just want to keep the FF rights because they know regardless of the quality of the film, they will make some sort of profit because superhero movies are always IN.

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