X-Men: Days of Future Past [Review]

X Men Days of Future Past

This has been a great week for movies. First Godzilla and now X-Men. If you haven't seen either of these two yet, go with X-Men. Why? Because, as I'll explain, it's the best X movie to hit since the original X-men.

The storyline this time around is no secret. It's ripped right from the comics (with a few tweaks character wise) and plays out just like any comic book fan could dream. The gist is this, Wolverine has to go back in time to stop the mutant killin' robots in the future. Who not only kill mutants, but also anyone who may have the genetics to one day birth a mutant.

The main cast for this little number is like a who's who of the film franchise. Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart,Ellen Page and Ian McKellen are joined by James McAvoy,Nicholas Hoult,Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence. Each one delivers a performance worthy of even the hardcorest fan's praise.

The plot moves along quickly with no lagging scenes or pointless dialogue. The contrast in sets from future to past is beautiful. everything captured for the screen draws you in and holds your attention. Even when it's just dialogue you're to captivated to move (seriously, didn't take a pee break at all; held it).

The course correction in this film is fantastic. The flaws and stumbles that take place in the previous 4 films is rectified to the satisfaction of every casual and diehard X fan alike.

Of course Hugh steals the show,again, as Wolverine, but a nice surprise was how well Quicksilver played in this film. Yet it's the ending that will leave your jaw gaped open. From this movie I see no reason why we can't have another decade of X-men films. No real complaints here,things had to be tweaked for the film and I'm cool with that.

Rating: 9/10 Stars

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