Sons of Anarchy Prequel 'The First Nine' Happening

Sons of Anarchy

Kurt Sutter has long talked about doing a prequel based around The First 9, the original nine charter members who started ‘Sons of Anarchy’ after returning home from Vietnam, and bringing many of the characters to life who have either never been seen before while also showing the early stages for the show’s patriarch John Teller and his wife Gemma Teller.

The news coming out of FX  is that this will be a standalone mini series. It will run for exactly 12 episodes and just focus on the origin story of The Sons. It is expected to begin production in late 2016 giving Sutter time to work on and develop his current project The Bastard Executioner, a period piece that revolves around a warrior knight in King Edward III’s charge. The titular character, having retired from fighting due to psychological burnout and turmoil, must pick his sword back up — and swing it on the necks of the damned – when violence rears its ugly head again.

Sons of Anarchy Prequel Gets The Greenlight

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