'Snowpiercer' is One Cool Ride [Review]


In this sci-fi epic, a failed global-warming experiment kills off most life on the planet. The final survivors board the SNOWPIERCER, a train that travels around the globe via a perpetual-motion engine. When cryptic messages incite the passengers to revolt, the train thrusts full-throttle towards disaster. That's all that can be said synopsis wise, because anymore would ruin a film that need to be seen right now by everyone.

I'll be the first to admit that I have been fatigued from all the "Post" everything movies. From zombies to dying Earth there have been alot. So when I heard of this film I wasn't in a hurry to see it,until I heard Chris Evans starred in it. Then I watched a trailer...Then I hit Amazon UK and snagged it up. That had to be the best decision I made yet this year.

What set me on this journey was an ad from Google about it right here on the site, this threw me for a loop because (looking into it) it came out in 2013 to no fan fare. Well, It is being re-released here in the states from the +The Weinstiens  and what I have heard is that they are butchering it with cuts. That's why I picked up a foreign copy, plus I hate waiting to see what I want to see.

Now back on track. The movie stars Chris Evans (Captain America),Kang-ho Song (The Host) John Hurt (Alien) Ed Harris (Creepshow) and a host of others. What seems as a completely absurd idea for a movie (A train that never stops after the apocalypse) turns out to be really believable and fucking brilliant! It's based on a french comic book Le Transperceneige written by Jean-Marc Rochette and it was adapted by Korean director, Joon-ho Bong (now you see why you haven't seen it yet). The film begins 17 years after the global warming gone wrong and instantly feels like a Hollywood feature not an import. I think that just speaks volumes of what an astonishing director Bong is.

The action is fast paced and if you liked Old Boy or I Saw The Devil there is a great battle that ensues in one of the train cars that just "kills". Set design and Cinematography is top notch all the way through. The train itself is what makes it so believable,the layout and different cars really create a beautiful world.

I'm sure your thinking there is no way this could work on a train (as did I) but once you see it, you'll get it. Not only that,you'll love it. Nothing is lacking in this picture. I'm really surprised by how much I dig this one. It's a non-stop thrill ride that shows just how far humans will go to survive.

Rating 9/10 Stars

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