See No Evil 2 [Review]

kane wwe see no evil

At least the WWE got one thing right this year. With the huge disappointment of Leprechaun: Origins, I was really banking on this film to deliver. So-much-so that I almost went into the film with unreasonable expectations. Luckily I cleared my head and said "I'll take it as it is." I'm glad I did that because going in blank left me pretty pleased. See No Evil 2 may not win any awards, but it is still worth a watch and a solid installment in what can be a decent franchise with longevity.

See No Evil 2 picks up right where part 1 left off. All the bodies are being picked up and moved to the morgue, along with Jacob Goodnight (Kane). There we are introduce to are two morgue attendants, Amy (Danielle Harris) and Kaj-Erik Erickson (Seth). It is Amy's birthday and instead of going out she is stuck at work to help out with the huge work load coming in thanks to Jacob Goodnight.

What really stands out in this film is the scoring. The music is perfect at setting the mood and helps build the tension. Next is the FX, a lot of practical work going on here. Very inventive kills done in camera are always an A+ in my book. Yes there is some CGI, but it's used very sparingly with the practical and dovetails nicely. Cinematography was good, mostly steady cam work, yet I feel it was missing a few of those standout shots.

The cast delivers an acceptable performance. Kane stands out the most, literally, and shows he more than just a tall scary guy. It was a nice change of pace to see the lurking giant killer have some dialogue. Kane can carry a movie and this just proves it. The two big names besides Kane are Danielle Harris and Kathrine Isabelle. Kathrine kinda plays her character a bit over the top and nowhere near as believable as her many other roles. I don't know if she was phoning it in or that was how she was told to play it, but it's a bit distracting. However, it is still Katherine and that's always a positive. Danielle on the other hand does what she has be able to do since the age of 10 and that's deliver a believable, straight forward performance. She carries a huge chunk of the film and is one of the main reasons you become invested and care what happens.

The overall story is a seamless transition from part one and really played as if it was planned out all along. Some things in the film are over the top and some of the character make stupid decisions, but for what it is, it delivers. You want to see people die in cool and creative ways this is the film to watch. Just don't go in over analyzing every detail and take it for what it is. After seeing this movie I want to check out more from the Soska Sisters.
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