Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool Movie In 2016

ryan reynolds deadpool movie

Following on the heels of Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange announcement, it would seem he's not the only comic book hero coming to cinematic life, as today Ryan mysteriously tweeted about appearing in Deadpool, a Marvel adaptation that's been churnin' in the rumour mill for bloomin' ages now.

There was a moment around four years ago when it looked like Ryan Reynolds might emerge from rom-com purgatory and find a place for himself as a wisecracking superhero, alongside the likes of Robert Downey Jr. Reynolds had won acclaim for the unorthodox 2010 indie thriller Buried, in which he was mesmerizing as a civilian truck driver who is kidnapped and buried alive by Iraqi insurgents with only a torch and a mobile phone for company. Coupled with a positively received cameo as the superhero Deadpool in the otherwise disappointing X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the Canadian actor was boasting some serious buzz.

Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool Movie In 2016

Then along came Green Lantern, a  ill-conceived, though I did enjoy it, 2011 superhero epic about the space-roaming DC comics crime fighter. Reynolds wasn’t terrible in it by any means, but the film suffered from hamfisted characterization, lazy screenwriting and Hot Wheels product placement . With its star suddenly far from the flavor of the month, 20th Century Fox’s proposed Deadpool X-Men spin-off entered into studio purgatory.

Now the movie seems to be back on, after leaked test footage of Reynolds as the masked antihero caused a huge stir online earlier this year. Variety reported yesterday that a deal is being closed for the movie to enter production, while the film’s star posted an image of Deadpool’s distinctive mask, depicted in a collage of spent bullets and cartridge cases. The caption? “Uh ... It’s Chimichanga Time”, a reference to the character’s penchant for deep-fried burritos.

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