Robocop 2014 [Review]


What I am about to tell you may shock you. To some it may crush your soul, but the truth must be told and the truth is, Robocop may be the best damn movie of 2014. Not only of this year, but I will go as far as saying it's equal to or greater than the original.

There has only been three, yes three, remakes that I have enjoyed as much as the original. My Bloody Valentine 3D, Maniac and Halloween. Now I'm at four, because Robocop is now officially on my list. How could I say that? Easy, I always wanted to know why Murphy never seen his family and what did his family think about him becoming a Cyborg? Well, I got my answer and that's what really grabbed me this go-around.

The set-up is almost the same as the original,meaning Alex Murphy gets attacked my a man he has been hunting, gets torn to shreds and is put up for a procedure that could save his life. That is where the similarities end. What we have is a whole new beast, a man who is coming to grips with what has happened to him. A man who is scared his family won't accept him. These things and more are what makes this film so damn good.

The cast is A list all the way around, it's so good that each actor steals the scene their in. I haven't seen Michael Keaton play a bad guy this good since, Desperate Measures. Gary Oldman,man who will go down as the greatest actor ever,delivers a performance on par with that of his Batman days. Samuel L. Does what same does,delivers. But the real star and the glue to this whole thing is Joel Kinnaman.

Joel makes you feel for Alex on a level that wasn't possible in the original. He brings so much depth and emotion into this character you may find yourself tearing up. In one scene,Alex ask the doctor to end his life,doesn't sound like much,but couple that with the amazing visual effects and the way he say that line, you can't help but feel for the character.

Speaking of FX, the work on this film is amazing. I couldn't tell where the practical ended and the CG began. I wish more movies where like this,because so often poor CG effects take you right out of the film. But no worries you will have none of that here.

Rating 10/10 stars 

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