Mother's Day Movie 2010 [Review]

mother's day movie 2010I really missed the boat on this one. I put it off for so long due to it being a remake and thinking why would they pick that title to remake. But it has been said the best titles to remake are least known ones and in this instance they are right.

The sadistic members of a villainous family return to their childhood home unaware that it has new inhabitants. They terrorize the new home owners and their guests while they wait for mama to arrive.

Just looking at the cast should tell you how good this movie is: Rebecca De Mornay (Hand That Rocks),Jamie King (Bloody Valentine 3D),Shawn  Ashmore (X-Men),Deborah Woll (True Blood),Frank Grillo ( Captain America:WS),Warren Kole (24),Briana Evigan (Sorority Row) and even the ones I didn't mention deserve praise. Everyone here nails their character and gets an A+ from me. Most of all King and Mornay. I'm a huge fan of each actor's work, so it is no surprise that I'm enamored with their roles here. Mornay brings that intensity from Hand that Rock The Cradle directly into this film and King is perfect as the strong,victim. She deserves the title of Perfect Final Girl and Scream Queen.

The Directing is block buster standard, so it shouldn't surprise that Darren Bousman (SAW 2,3,4) helmed the project. But I gotta give a ton of credit to Scott Milam who put a whole new spin on Mother's Day making it his and in my opinion surpassing the original. The dialogue, structure and every possible angle is covered. AND the runtime is almost two hours, you know how nice it is to see a horror movie completely fleshed out and not rushed to make an 84 minute run? It's a dream come true.

To top everything off there is a quick cameo of Lloyd Kaufman on the TV when everyone is in the basement, don't blink you'll miss it. I can't think of anything that hinders the film or could have been done different. People are stupid and make stupid choices, so I could see this playing out. That's what makes a film, can you buy the story and this one is a yes.

Verdict: 9 out 10 stars.....Buy it and watch it over and over again.

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