Leaked Arrow midseason finale teaser drops a major bombshell


A murder mystery has been at the heart of this new season of Arrow, and a leaked international promo just revealed some major intel on the killer.

Major spoilers ahead for the midseason finale of Arrow, airing Wednesday!

The international teaser popped up secondhand via Warner TV Asia, and it shows off a good bit of new footage from the midseason finale episode airing Wednesday night on The CW. We already knew it would feature a faceoff between Arrow and R’as al Ghul, but it turns out we’ll also be getting an answer to the DNA findings left behind on the arrow that killed Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) several episodes ago.

According to the footage here, the DNA belongs to Oliver (Stephen Amell) himself, which opens up a whole host of questions. Brainwashing? A clone? A fakeout? Something else entirely? We have no idea, but it looks like that development will be closely tied to this battle to the death with R’as al Ghul.

Along with that big reveal, it also seems we will get some more development on Ray Palmer’s (Brandon Routh) evolution into the DC hero the Atom. The Atom suit is seemingly revealed. Felicity also apparently gets brought into the fold with this hero, as well, which puts her at the heart of three would-be super-suitors.

Check out the teaser below:

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