Funny: 'Leaked' Gay Taco Bell Commercial

gay taco bell commercial

A Youtube video titled “Leaked gay Taco Bell commercial" depicts two gay men consuming a Taco Bell breakfast before going to work, and then imagining all the other things they could do before work.

The video was posted online last week, and as Gawker notes, the ad appears to be professionally produced and carries all the “accoutrements of any other Taco Bell commercial.”

There have been no reported sightings of the commercial on U.S. television, and the YouTube and Google+ accounts of the individual who posted the video on Dec. 17 contain no bio, offer no explanation as to where the ad originated, or contain any other postings, leading to speculation that perhaps the fast-food chain itself could be behind a clever marketing ploy, but as of today they refuse to take credit for.

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