'Compound Fracture' Breaks The Mold (Review)

Compound Fracture

Why should you see this movie? Quick answer is we get to see Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees do battle, but that statement alone doesn't do this film justice. No, It's a complete breathe of fresh air in a market that is flooded with zombies, werewolves, vampires and remakes. It takes the classic idea of a ghost story and flips it on its head. I had forgotten how great a ghost story could be until I watched Compound Fracture.

The casting for this movie is awesome! You have Tyler Mane (Halloween,X-Men) playing Michael,no pun intended, our hero of the story. Derek Mears (Friday The 13th,Hatchet 3) as William our baddie. Then we have Muse Watson (FDTD2,Prison Break), Renae Geerlings (Halloween 2), Leslie Easterbrooke (Police Academy,Devil's Rejects) and, of course, what movie would be complete without a cameo from Todd Farmer (MBV3D,Drive Angry).

 Everyone delivers here performance wise. Most notably Renae who show shes more then a pretty face or Mrs.Mane, but that she really can perform. She bring that leading lady A game through the whole picture.

The story moves at a steady pace never lagging. Every scene means something and is not there to just make a runtime. Muse Watson does a great job of portraying a man who is sane and at the same time loosing his mind. His character is the catalyst for the entire chain of events of the film.

The meat of the story or what will surely go down as a classic match is Mane vs Mears. In Hatchet we saw Jason vs Jason,but Michael vs Jason is another dream match that is always on every horror fans mind. The way it play out thought is so damn original that labeling it really underplays how badass it is. Mane shines as a leading man (take note Hollywood) and Mears shows just how intimidating he can be simply as himself, no mask needed.

This is one that need to be in everybody's collection. From the kills to the story, it doesn't miss a beat. You would be a fool to not appreciate or own this movie.

Rating: 8 out of 10 stars
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