Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys (Review)

Blood Lake: Attack

Sure,a lot of people don't like the current Creature Feature films put out by SyFy and now Animal Planet, that's cool,because these movies aren't meant for you. They're meant for people who seek out Matinee just so they can watch Lawrence Woolsey (John Goodman)  screen his Mant film. A time when our worst fear was atomic mutation or wildlife going crazy and attacking humans. That's where Blood Lake falls. A good old fashioned Creature movie that harkens back to the golden age of B-movie cinema.

 If you enjoy Lake Placid,Piranha 3D/3DD, Sharknado or any of the recent Creature movies,then it's a given you're going to dig James Cullen Bressack's Blood Lake. The movie stars Shannen Doherty (Mallrats), Christopher Lloyd ('Back to the Future'), Jason Brooks ('Days of our Lives') and Zack Ward (Freddy vs Jason). Just looking at the cast you would think it's a 100 million dollar movie. Seriously,a ll these players have mega-huge films under their belt. Hell, name a Christmas when Zack Ward wasn't on your television?...Exactly.

What one would think is a weird premiss actually becomes believable due to the quality of acting. Once you reach the second half of the movie you'll find yourself asking "Why do these creatures exist? "We should wage war on them." (Yes,this guy has been googling Lampreys for a few days now) I honestly believe I have a fear of these creatures thanks to this movie,that right there makes it a win in my book.

Are the special FX the best ever? No,but it doesn't matter. A story is there and it needs to be seen. The goal of horror should be to make you uneasy and that's what Blood Lake does. It makes you uneasy to a point that you look up everything on these "suckers" just in case you should happen across one.

For me it's a solid B Creature Feature and having Zack Ward,Christopher Lloyd and Shannen Doherty in the cast just makes it that much cooler.

Rating: 7.0/10 Stars

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