Batman V Superman Wraps Production

Batman V Superman

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has officially wrapped production. The news comes from the film's cinematographer, Larry Fong. In an announcement via Instagram, Fong posted "That's a wrap" with a short video clip of a black jacket sleeve being snowed on. The film's final location was near a snow-covered mountain in New Mexico, which was also revealed via Instagram.

Strong rumors have been circulating the web for a while now suggesting that the film's much-awaited first trailer will be attached to Warner Bros' upcoming release The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. IMAX tweeted out the news then, quickly tried to retract it.

Meanwhile, Badass Digest posted a report claiming to have read the script of Batman v Superman and teased that The Joker will be involved in the film, in some way. "In the world of Batman v Superman the Joker already exists, and Superman knows about him. We don't see him in this movie, though," states the site.
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