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Win a Shitty Buddi Doll From BD [Contest]

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Bloody Disgusting has been jerking it pretty hard to the "new" Child's Play movie, so much so, that they manage a post a day on the subject. But today they blew their wad all over Buddi's face with their sponsored fan art contest to win, drum.... roll.... please....., a life size Buddi doll.

According to BD Orion Pictures has been "killing it" when it comes to the art for Child’s Play and Bloody Disgusting is "challenging" its readers to create their own posters for the new take on the 1988 horror classic. The contest starts on the 30th, and runs until June 19th, then the creator of their "favorite" Child’s Play poster art will be chosen on opening night and will receive a life-sized Chucky doll.... But it's not a Chucky doll its a Buddi doll.

This contest is a stupid marketing gimmick, how stupid? Well, stupid enough that when posting this to the site Brad did even use his name it simply states BD Staff. No one wanted to touch that pile of shit with a ten foot pole. But money talks and when dumb-asses are willing to throw money at you to support their shit, you'd be a fool for not taking it. Even if it sullies the name of your highly respectable online publication...

Anyway here is a like to this "awesome" contest: Shitty Buddi Doll Fan Art Contest