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Never Sleep Again:The Book Interview

rabbit in red

Rabbit In Red Brings you everything and anything you want to know about Never Sleep Again,The Book. With the creator himself Thommy Hutson and Lito Velasco. Packed with over 250 pages of behind the scenes photos and stories from the cast,this is an interview you don't want to miss out on.

Before that we get into the working of a child's brain,movies we have seen and a few reviews. Is Wolf Creek 2 going to go down as a classic? Will Blue Mountain State The Movie happen? All that and more is answered this time around on Rabbit In Red.

Everyone's favorite dream demon himself, Robert Englund , has agreed to sign copies of the ELM STREET LEGACY book! Head on over to the page for details by following this link:
To get a copy or help Never Sleep Again: The Book

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