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Monday, May 25, 2015

Top 10 TV Shows You Must Watch In 2015

black sails walking dead

We are half way through 2015 and what a year it has been for television. From the shows that are starting their summer run  to the shows that just had their season finale, 2015 has had a solid year so far.  This list is to highlight those standout shows that are currently on or will be renewed for another season this fall. Now mind you that a few good shows have been canceled and as much as I would love to put them on this list, it would be pointless. So lets start the list of top 10 TV shows you must watch in 2015.

10. Penny Dreadful - Explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, American gunslinger Ethan Chandler and medium Vanessa Ives unite to combat supernatural threats in Victorian London. If you're a fan of monsters of old, then this show is right up your alley. Featuring Frankenstein, The Wolf-Man and many more.

09. Orange is the New Black - The story of Piper Chapman, a woman in her thirties who is sentenced to fifteen months in prison after being convicted of a decade-old crime of transporting money for her drug-dealing girlfriend. Think OZ, but in a very humorous light.

08. Supernatural - Two brothers follow their father's footsteps as "hunters" fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds including monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth. This show has it all and it has been on the air for a decade now, so if you haven't seen it get caught up on Netflix.

07. The Originals - A family of power-hungry thousand year old vampires look to take back the city that they built and dominate all those who have done them wrong. Spun from The Vampire Diaries, this show is for vamp fans who want more than highschool vampire stories.

06. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - A woman is rescued from a doomsday cult and starts life over again in New York City. Sounds simple, but the main character was in a bunker since the 90's and is dropped into the 10's resulting in nonstop laughter. Give it one episode and you will be hooked.

05. The Flash -  Barry Allen wakes up 9 months after he was struck by lightning and discovers that the bolt gave him the power of super speed. With his new team and powers, Barry becomes "The Flash" and fights crime in Central City.

04. Daredevil - A blind lawyer, with his other senses superhumanly enhanced, fights crime as a costumed superhero.

03. Black Sails - Captain Flint and his pirates, twenty years prior to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic "Treasure Island". The writing on this show is amazing and when paired with these actors, you get television gold.

02. The Walking Dead - developed by Frank Darabont, based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. Andrew Lincoln plays the show's lead character, sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes, who awakens from a months-long coma to confront a new, apocalyptic world overrun by flesh-eating zombies.

01. Salem - Set in the volatile world of 17th century Massachusetts, 'Salem' explores what really fueled the town's infamous witch trials and dares to uncover the dark, supernatural truth hiding behind the veil of this infamous period in American history. In Salem, witches are real, but they are not who or what they seem. This show currently has everything going for it. The writing, acting, sets and storylines are hands down the best on tv. It's shot and written like it was made for HBO, yet it airs on WGN. If you could only watch one show this year, it would have to be Salem.

There you have it, the cream of the crop. These shows are what television is all about. Agree or not these shows will be around for some time to come but if you think I missed one, then let it flow down below.....

Friday, May 22, 2015

SF: Mad Max: Fury Road & The Undertaker and His Pals

slaughter film

This week Forest learns that Roger Miller hasn't lost and of his action movie talents as he reviews Mad Max: Fury Road. Cory continues with his quest to review the films with the "best horror trailer" ever, by reviewing The Undertaker & His Pals.

The Horror Duo also cover their participation in the first ever Library Comic Con, with the "William Castle Experience"; the screening of The Tingler -- complete with "Precepto". Forest explains the highs and lows of Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Cory talks about the upcoming Scream films and MTV television show. For more Slaughter Film news and reviews, as well as show notes and special events, make sure to visit our website;

00:00 Introduction & Chat
20:25 Forest reviews Mad Max: Fury Road
39:35 Know Your Horror Trivia
40:21 Cory reviews The Undertaker and His Pals
56:36 Comments & Conclusion

Supergirl CBS Pilot Has Leaked [Video]


Ladies and Gentlemen, the CBS pilot for Supergirl has leaked and is spreading like wildfire! About 20 minutes ago a 4chan user dropped a bomb that the pilot was up and that the [video] quality was that of your average show. But judging from the some of the comments that where posted by people who viewed the pilot, it might not be that good.

One viewer commented "The amount of exposition in the first 3 minutes to get to "I got here somehow and earth doesn't need another hero so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'll just be a normal gurl :3" isn't giving me high hopes." Another went on to add "Looks like a calculated leak to change the perceptions people got from the shitty trailer. Basically they're trying to make the Flash thing happen twice."

Now I assume everyone knows how the internet works, but in the off chance you're new to this let me get you pointed in the right direction. The Supergirl pilot can be watched by click here

Enjoy and let us know what you thought of the pilot..

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Leaked Star Wars: The Force Awakens BTS Footage

Star Wars: The Force

Star Wars: Episode 7 The Force Awakens will be streamlined to keep a short running time. This comes as a bit of a surprise from Disney, whose Marvel movies have proven that the shared universe model—with interlocking characters and plot from movie to movie—has far longer legs than many analysts would have supposed. A new Vanity Fair interview with Lawrence Kasdan, the screenwriter behind Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back and co-writer of Star Wars: Episode 7 The Force Awakens, outlines the streamlined Star Wars plot we’re likely to encounter when Star Wars: Episode 7 The Force Awakens hits its Dec. 18 release date.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Leaked Joker and Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Scene [Video]

Leaked Joker and Harley Quinn

Some more new set photos from the Toronto set of David Ayer's "Suicide Squad" have made their way online, featuring Jared Leto as the Joker and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. The photos offer a look at the Jokers car and more, but why look at just photos when we have the whole scene in Video HD.

The film follows a secret government agency run by Amanda Waller, named A.R.G.U.S who creates a task force comprised of super villains, the "Suicide Squad". They are assigned to execute dangerous tasks in exchange for shorter prison sentences.

"Suicide Squad" is set to hit theaters on August 5, 2016.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Lazarus Effect Gives Horror a Bad Name (Review)

The Lazarus Effect

Medical researchers Frank Walton and Zoe McConnell (Mark Duplass and Olivia Wilde) and their assistants Niko and Clay (Donald Glover and Evan Peters) are developing a formula to bring patients back from extended death without any damage to the brain. The formula, which they have named Lazarus, is in the animal testing phase, and they successfully bring a cadaver dog back to life. But intervention at the hands of the grant people take all their research away. Face with failure the group sneaks back into their lab to recreate the experiment, so they have proof of what they achieved. But Zoe gets electrocuted and that's when all hell breaks loose.    

The Lazarus Effect starts off strong, with likable characters and actors who spout enough scientific jargon and theories to sound believable. It helps that most of the cast aren’t people you normally associate with the horror genre, with the exception of Peters who is one of the permanent members of American Horror Story. This keeps the audience from forming expectations about the individuals before the real horror portion begins.

Once that happens, though, the movie slides down Predictable Slope, getting stuck in Cliche Canyon. Zoe quickly acts like the spawn of Carrie and Damien, but with less motivation. Other than a quick rehash of the old 10% brain usage mantra, there is no exploration as to why this increase in brain activity would cause her to become homicidal. Since this part of the movie takes place in one night, they rush through her transformation and rely on us to just accept her ability to hear everyone’s frightened thoughts about her as reason enough to want to kill them all.

The directing, acting and cinematography are the only positives in this movie. The real iceberg to this Titanic is the writing. A beautiful 'Vertigo' shot can't save a film when the plot doesn't exist and there is no character development.  

It's a shame that Blumhouse put this out because I usually enjoy their productions, with just a few exceptions. It just seems that everyone involved had to know that this move is just flat out boring and pointless. Maybe the only redeeming scene is the final shot, but again it was too little, too late.

The verdict, save yourself the time and skip this. If you want a movie about coming back from death that is awesome watch 'Flatliners'.

Rating: 4/10 Stars 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Green Hulk vs Red Hulk in Captain America: Civil War?

Captain America: Civil War

 If you follow Mark Ruffalo on twitter, then you know he likes to drop hints about the MCU. His latest drop more than just hints at him making an appearance in Captain America: Civil War, it confirms it.

Now you could be thinking "no big deal" and normally I'd agree if General Thunderbolt Ross wasn't part of the Civil War cast. With these two forces, Banner and Ross, coming together for the first time since 'The Incredible Hulk', one can only see the stars starting to align.

As it's known in the comics General Ross is the Red Hulk who's powers are nearly identical to that of Bruce Banner's Hulk. He is uninhibited and Tactically Intelligent. The perfect answer to the Hulk.

Why do this? Well, as we have seen, the Hulk is unstoppable and if he were to choose a side (Iron Man's) then that side would most likely win. But if you introduce the Red Hulk and he works with Captain America ( which has happened in the comics), then the playing field just became even.  

With Mark Ruffalo making an appearance I don't see how this could play out any differently and to see Red vs Green on the big screen would be the coolest thing to happen in the MCU. What do think, is this something were ready for or are you not a Red Hulk fan? Let it flow, down below.....

RIR: Avengers, Evil Dead and The Punisher Trilogy

punisher trilogy

Rabbit In Red Radio hits episode 239 running with talk of Age of Ultron and why it was an okay film, but not as great as the first. Then when talk Bruce Campbell and how he might be in the greatest shape of his life for the upcoming Ash vs The Evil Dead.

On the B-Side it's time for Punishment! John and Rich talk everything and anything Punisher. Starting with the three films that if viewed in a certain order form a trilogy. After that they tackle Dirty Laundry and a few other Punisher fan films.

All that and more on this episode of Rabbit In Red Radio.